Braidless Crochet Faux Hawk Tutorial – No Cornrows

Taste Pink

We have been kind of getting the hang of doing braidless crochet styles and women on youtube are starting to get really creative with the styles especially now that you do not need cornrows.

In the below video Taste Pink demonstrated how using the braidless crochet technique to do a cute faux Hawk style perfect for the weekend!

Check it out:

The hair she used is:

Freetress Fluffy Wand Curl

Her colors are – 4, 0T27, OT30
Number of Packs Per Color: ONE PACK EACH

Now this isn’t the first time Taste Pink has done this style she did something similar two weeks ago, you may prefer this version, check it out:

The hair she used for this style can be found here.

#strugglebraidgang stand up!


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