Brandi Williams from Blaque Launches Vegan Nail Polish

Photo credit: 21Ninety

Remember Blaque?

The R&B/Pop girl group released hits like 808 and Bring It All to Me.

Blaque’s Brandi Williams decided not to settle just for being an internal music sensation.

She also acted in Honey and Bring It On.

Now, she is adding entrepreneurship to her resume.

The Pandemic Inspired Brandi Williams

The pandemic affected everyone, including celebrities.

When everything was on lockdown, Williams could not go to the hair salon.

While she was at home, she decided to start giving herself manicures and paint her own nails.

This made her reminisce about her childhood when she used to take her mother to nail shops.

The vibrant nail polish colors used to evoke the image of high fashion and glamor.

This led Williams to live her childhood dreams and make the nail polish of her dreams.

A Health-Conscious Nail Polish

When developing the nail polish, Williams decided to be to herself; this meant making it as healthy as she could because she follows a healthy lifestyle.

Bei Polished is the resulting product.

This is a Black woman-owned company with a strong team that helped to realize Williams’ dream.

The name, Bei, has two meanings:

  • It’s what people close to Williams usually call her
  • It stands for “Beautiful Elegant Icons”

The “Polished” part of the name refers to the shiny, colorful lacquer that we all want.

It took three months to fully develop the initial collection.

When it was done, Williams and her team had made a product for women who value a health-conscious lifestyle and use cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan products.

Up Your Nail Game

Photo credit: BeiPolished

Williams recalls how life as an entertainer caused bedlam on her nail game.

No matter what career you’re in, Williams’ suggestion is to keep your nails from becoming weak or malnourished.

To do this, nail polish like Bei Polish helps; it lasts longer, dries quicker, and shines longer thanks to its CBD and argan oils.



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