Brown Girls Do Ballet Is The Premier Place For Women Of Color Who Practice Ballet


TaKiyah Wallace is the founder of Brown Girls Do Ballet, a photo project started in 2012 that offers support to ballerinas of color. I found them by chance on Instagram and I immediately followed them because not only is the Instagram inspirational I realized that I typically do not see black women and young black girls who practice ballet represented much.

I mean we have Misty Copeland, but there are so many other women and men that practice that never get any sort of promotion to broader audiences.

There was a definite void to fill when it came to representation of black people in what is considered a predominantly white space.

Today Brown Girls Do Ballet is not just a photo project on Instagram, it is a full-fledged organization that is committed  to showcasing women and men of color and offer them support that will guarantee their success and further exposure.

They are dedicated to the cause of promoting our girls, young and old showing what their talent looks like and helping them to network especially if they want to take ballet from just practice to a career.

Show your support, follow @browngirlsballet on Instagram here.


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