Can We Take A Moment To Talk About Zendaya And Her Fabulous Afro At The InStyle Awards Last Night?


GIRL! Can we take a moment to appreciate the bold afro Zendaya decided to wear to the 2017 Instyle Awards held last night?

According to InStyle, at the awards last night her long time stylist Law Roach introduced Zendaya saying she possesses “the beauty of a model but the poise of a princess,” After which Zendaya thanked him for giving her the confidence she has and then proceeded to give a pretty inspiring speech about empowerment and breaking barriers in fashion.

She said:
“Fashion has given me that vehicle to not care. Literally, the only opinion that should matter when you step outside the house or when you wear something and you put something on when you look in the mirror should be your own,” “I thank you for pushing me to be confidence and pushing me to take chances.”

Zendaya is committed to breaking the ‘rules’ and making her style unforgettable which is one of the reasons she chose to wear and Afro to the InStyle Awards.

She said:

“We should stop living by the definitions that other people give us and live our own. That’s what fashion has allowed me to do,” “Continue, every single one of you, to be extraordinary and brilliant and unique in your own way because that’s what the world needs right now, is people who are exactly who they are. Continue to do you and don’t let anyone stop that shine,” 

I just want to see this young lady win in every way possible, she gives us hope!


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