Cardi B’s Latest Wig Looked Absolutely Stunning And We Know Who The Stylist Is


Yesterday Cardi B shared a new custom wig and we were all like, girl! Who made that? See the pictures below:

Her stylist is Tresses and Sandrine who did an amazing job with the color and style. The stylist who made the wig is Kaila Davis or @Kai.karter on Instagram and her work is impeccable.

According to her website:

Kai’karter specializes in customizing wigs to give you an exclusive natural look or a dramatic runway experience. They have a custom colorist-extension expert who creates diverse colors and styles and in this case, they nailed it!


She looked amazing!

I had to give it to Cardi on this one! – The wig was amazing!

Barney could never

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If you are interested in more wigs from Kaila then head over to her website here.


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