Products used: Water in spray bottle tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer for Natural Hair, 12oz
We have been talking about Summer hair growth a lot this year because I have been trying to get you all on board with taking full advantage of the fact that our hair grows faster in the Spring/Summer. The reason we have better growth is simply that blood flow is...
For the past few years, the "natural  hair movement" has dominated most conversations about Black hair-care. If you haven't gone natural or haven't even slightly considered it, I know it can be a little difficult to navigate through all the new content about natural hair and find pieces to read/watch...
I get a ton of questions about dry hair these days and since my own hair has been abnormally dry I am inclined to think it might be something in the air. When my hair is dry the one thing I love adding to all my DIY deep conditioners is...

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