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Let's be real, color, especially dramatic multi-color looks are not for the faint of heart. These days we are seeing so many women step out on a limb where hair color is concerned. We see dramatic, reds, greens, blues, purples and what might just be the most daring of...
These transformations by Khristie Jackson are amazing and it is very hard for me not to share her entire Instagram to this one post. Check out the View: You can find Khristie on Instagram here
I definitely stalk @anthonycuts without any sort of shame because he can slay anything, a bob, natural hair, a wig, color, you name it! His videos are addictive so I always share them on whatever social platform I am on. His latest video was a flawless frontal install done...
Do you need a cute braided style? Tracy Porter is the truth in this braiding game, check out her work: Book with this stylist : Tracy Porter ? BOOK YOURSELF or ? (517) 402-7721 New Stylist ? to ATL $20 Deposit SewYounique Beauty-Lounge 5522 New Peachtree Rd Suite 102 Atlanta,GA 30321...
Meet the stylist who can lay a wig like no other, I promise when you see this guys skills it will floor you, watch this: A video posted by JStayReady (@jstayready_) on Apr 11, 2016 at 7:07pm PDT You literally cannot see the lace, the hair line is flawless, now watch...
7 yr old stylist from Trinidad
Would you believe me if I told you that there is a mini hairdresser that has her own clients at only 7 years old? Seeing is believing, but in Port of Spain, Trinidad there is a little girl known as Tamia who works in her family business doing what...
Memphis stylist @Datranzformer is out here curling, cutting and slaying our lives with her styles. Her talent is amazing check out the view: Her details are all on her Instagram, so if you are in that area, check her out! 1331 Union Ave Memphis Hair [email protected] 9012826193
If you are not following @hairbylatise on Instagram and you love bobs then you are missing out. I personally love curly bobs and if I did a weave this would be my style of choice. Hair down to there is no longer a thing, get into these looks real...
ATL Stylist Dominique Evans is out here slaying people's lives with her scissors and quick weave techniques. Maaan listen if you want a dope protective style, I say get an angled bob and find a great stylist, preferably queen Dom to get your cut done. I first saw Dominique on...
This artist has some of the dopest color and cut jobs on Instagram:

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