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I am always looking for unique ways stylists create braid patterns to help us achieve some of the amazing styles we like to do with our natural hair and extension hair. In the below video Game of Fros demonstrates a very different but easy braid pattern for a crochet updo...
Feed in braids is simply a technique using synthetic hair to thicken and lengthen your real hair as you do a braid style. I love BreAunna Renee because she is pretty detailed on how she does her styles with an extensive talk through. Check out two of her videos below: Jumbo...
Wait a minute ..Press Play: A post shared by M A K E B A (@ynotkeeb) on Nov 16, 2017 at 10:00am PST Full Tutorial:
HAIR SPECS: Hair Deets: (3) 22" Heather bundles & 18" Heather Frontal

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