Children Expelled From Atlanta Daycare When A Father Asked For Video Evidence On How His Daughter’s Braids Were Ripped From Her Scalp


An Atlanta father is looking for answers after his 2-year-old daughter and her sister were removed from a local daycare

On Instagram Lonzo, (@itslonzo) said his daughter has attended CreekStone Academy Deluth Georgia since August of last year.

He said he noticed that the beads she had in her hair kept getting removed and according to the daycare they removed them because another child kept pulling them off.

Then things escalated!

On another occasion, he picked his daughter up, and not only were the beads removed but her braids were literally ripped from her scalp.

Read the details below:

My daughter Baileigh has attended @creekstonekids Duluth since August of 2021 .

She’s always had beads on her hair.

March 28th I picked my child up with absolutely no beads in her hair.

The school told me they removed my daughter’s beads because they were not able to keep another student from pulling them off.

I made no fuss, I simply took my daughter home & put her beads on tighter because again, she loves them & no one should be able to take that joy from her.

Fast forward April 7th I came to pick up my daughter to her beads removed yet again however this time her braids were ripped from her scalp.

Once I made a complaint about my daughter’s beads being snatched the Director of this facility told me that all she would do was contact the child’s parent.

Days later after leaving a review on how we felt the situation was handled, my children were put out of the daycare.

My children are not taught to fight nor do they practice self-defense because I teach them to play together & LOVE

This has brought me so much pain & confusion. They won’t show me any video footage of my child while she was in their care & I know she cried as her hair was pulled from her scalp.

I was told several lies about my childs beads being against policy & even threatened for the police to be called all for wanting answers concerning my child.

Their administrative team shows no compassion or concern for the well being of children.

Dad also shared pictures of his child’s hair and a letter from the school, basically expelling the children.

See below:

and the letter:

In a second Instagram post, dad shared that the school isn’t taking ownership for what happened to his daughter, instead, they are covering their tracks.

He shared a number of bad reviews asking that they are shut down.


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We really hope Lonzo will get some answers about what happened to his baby girl.

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The school is doubling down on their stance, they wrote a statement saying the parents are the ones that cut the child’s hair.

see below:


  1. This makes so sense, if I read it correctly. His child was assaulted by another child and the answer is to expel his child (victim)? Something is very wrong or very much a lie. The dismissal letter alone is infuriating.

  2. Why didn’t he call the police and they would get the footage and arrested someone for child abuse and get them all fired

  3. I’m sick of teachers think they have the audacity to make decisions about black kids hair! We don’t tell white kids how to do their hair!!!! I’m sick of the disparity. Contact the media, and the police. And request a copy of the video!!!I can guarantee it didn’t happen the way the teacher said. That baby’s hair was ripped from the scalp and I know another 2 year old couldn’t do that! DONT FREAKING TOUVH MY CHILDS HAIR FOR NO REASON WHAT SO EVER!!! And I mean for no reason!!!!!


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