Ciara Explores The Beauty of Black Styles With Fault Magazine


Ciara’s latest editorial shoot was with Fault Magazine and it was an epic celebration of black hair. In the magazine, they focused on the beauty of black hairstyles and Ciara shared just what black hair has meant to her over the years.

Read below via Fault:

With this shoot, we focused on the beauty of black hairstyles. As someone who has sported many different looks over the years, what does afro hair mean to you?

Ciara: Hairstyles have always been an extension of my creative process as a music artist and in fashion. I have been experimenting with my hair for as long as I can remember. Each time I wear my hair in an afro it comes with an inherent sense of identity and pride. You really stand out in a room, it’s like wearing a crown.

They also asked her how motherhood changed your creative process?
Ciara: My kids are a constant source of inspiration for my music and having two kids (and one on the way) has made me much more efficient with my time when I am in work mode. I feel like I am more free in the creative process because of how they changed my life. I no longer overthink the process the way I used to at times.

With another baby on the way, do you ever feel societal pressure to slow down and how do you combat that outdated notion?
Ciara: No, I don’t. I LOVE being a mom and I am a better mom when my kids get to experience me doing what I love on and off the stage. I am a better person because of them and I feel like I have more fire under me to go after all that I want. It is important for me to show them that you have to work hard to get all you want out of life.

What’s something that you’re teaching your children, that you wish you would have known growing up?
Ciara: I think the biggest thing is teaching them patience. I never understood why my mom would say ‘no’ to a lot of things and now I do (laughs). Most importantly I want them to dream big! and know that they can do and be anything they set their mind to.

What is your FAULT?
Ciara: I can come across guarded at times which I think stems from being a military brat and moving around so much. I would often have to leave friendships as they were just developing. That gave me a defense mechanism that can seem reserved. Since marrying the love of my life I have really been able to let my guard down and feel safe being vulnerable. I can also be a bit OCD about things!

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