Ciara Is Slaying Her Pregnancy And We Love To See It


Let’s be clear every woman’s experience while pregnant is different and Ciara would probably agree that her third pregnancy is probably dramatically different in comparison to her first two children.

With that said, the details of her pregnancy remain private but publicly she shares some of the most beautiful pictures, most of them taken by her photographer/football hubby Russel Wilson.

People magazine agreed that her photo showing off her baby bump submerged in a pool was pretty darn stunning. Ciara poses submerged in a pool, showing off her baby bump in a black-two piece.

Taken from the side, the black-and-white shot shows the 34-year-old “Goodies” hitmaker cradling her belly while looking down, the water coming up to shoulder level.

Ciara’s Saturday post was presented without a caption but had garnered over 1 million likes and 6,300 comments by Monday morning.

“So BEAUTIFUL! 🤗💙,” wrote Kevin Hart’s pregnant wife Eniko, who’s currently expecting the couple’s second child together, a baby girl.


Ciara and husband Russell Wilson announced that she was expecting baby No. 3 in January, sharing a photo of the singer in a bikini on Instagram at the time, showing off her bare baby belly.

“They’re so excited to expand their family,” a source close to the couple told PEOPLE.

Wilson, 31, and Ciara’s kids helped their parents share the sex of the baby on the way in April — with the singer’s son Future declaring he was hoping for a baby brother.

Today Ciara shared this picture, with a simple caption “rooted”:


Then a few weeks ago she shared below:


During a pandemic, it might not be top of mind to get all dressed up and get our hair done for maternity photoshoots but one of the things that we can appreciate about Ciara is just how natural she looks as she shares snips of her pregnancy.

We did some research and here are some of the ways Parents magazine suggested you can slay your pregnancy.

Revel in your belly. When your baby is awake and active, put a jelly bean or half-filled glass of water on your belly, lean back, and watch the show. Photograph or videotape your ultrasound. Record the heartbeat. Have a cast made of your belly. Show the real thing off, too.

Evaluate your life. Suddenly, climbing the corporate ladder may not seem so important. Perhaps your lifestyle feels “off” now that you are bringing a child into it. Take advantage of any doubts or discontentment to do some soul-searching, and be prepared for shifts in your priorities.

Be queen for a day (for nine months). Trash your to-do lists. Nap without guilt. Go to a day spa. Take extra showers. Take your shoes off and put your feet up. Sleep late (but do get up and dressed so you feel part of the world). Buy a body pillow for your last trimester. If meals or housework are too much, hire help or call on a friend.

Renew your spirituality. The timing couldn’t be better. “When you’re pregnant, you’re more contemplative, more in tune with creation,” says the Rev. Susan Plymell, mother of four and pastor of Pueblo West United Methodist Church in Colorado.

Get motivated to live more healthfully. Sometimes we’ll do things for someone else that we won’t do for ourselves. You have several months to develop healthful eating habits, start a moderate exercise program, take up meditation or do whatever else makes your body a better home for both you and your baby.

Experiment with your hair. Changing hormones may make your hair stronger and thicker. “Many of my clients find that pregnancy is the perfect time to grow out their hair, especially since they’ll want an easy-to-care-for style when the baby comes,” says Brenda Elliott, a stylist with Pro Beauty in Tucson, Ariz. Forgo colorings or perms, however: Your hair may react differently, and the chemicals may be bad for baby. Skip the temptation to try a drastic new cut, too.



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