Cleaning Hack – How To Remove Product Buildup And Dirt From Your Hair Tools


Buzzfeed Nifty recently posted a video showing how you can clean your blow dryer, flat iron and curl iron and since we all love hacks I thought it would be cool to share this pretty neat little trick.

Press play:

The instructions Via Buzzfeed:

Hair Dryer

1. Figure out how to open the back of your hair dryer. Some twist open, some pop open with a hinge, and some need to be unscrewed. The filters need to be cleaned once every few months, depending on use. Not cleaning the filter is the primary reason hair dryers break prematurely.

2. Wipe off dust and dirt, then rinse in hot soapy water. Let the filters dry completely before carefully replacing them in your hair dryer.

Curling/Flat Iron

1. Hair styling products can collect on your hot tools over time, causing a burnt buildup that looks like rust. Create an easy gunk-remover with one part rubbing alcohol and two parts baking soda.

2. Turn on your hot tools for about a minute, then turn off and unplug. The heat will help loosen the gunk.
3. Wipe the paste over the surface of your hot tools, and let sit for 15 minutes.

4. If you have ceramic-plated tools, use only your fingers to rub away the buildup. For metal, use a soft cloth or toothbrush.

5. Wipe off the residue, and enjoy your fresh clean tools!

I never considered ever opening my hair dryer, but I will now!


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