CNN’s Abby Phillip Gets Her Own Show

Abby Phillip gets her own show

Abby Phillip is one of CNN’s rising stars. Since November, she has provided her perceptive and fair commentary about the 2020 presidential election, giving proceedings a steady presence. Her coverage of the Trump administration has been met by acclaim.

Now, Phillip’s hard work is paying off.

The 32-year-old is getting a few worthy promotions, according to Variety. She will become a senior political correspondent, for starters.

More excitingly, she is getting her own show on CNN, called Inside Politics Sunday With Abby Phillip. The show is slotted for Sundays on CNN from 8 am to 10 am E.T.

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Humble Beginnings

Even though she’s now one of the most sizzling journalists in the country, Phillip had never thought she would appear on TV one day.

She kicked off her career in web and print journalism. She started reporting at Politico, then moved on to The Washington Post.

As she worked at the Post, Phillip occasionally contributed some pieces to CNN. Then, in 2017, she officially joined CNN as a correspondent.

She chose to pivot completely to television because it’s a major platform and the way people consume news from TV is different from other mediums.

She wanted to know how that would be like; to have a TV audience, and how differently she could reach people.

In the three years she has worked at CNN, Phillip helped to moderate the seventh Democratic debate in the 2020 Election Primaries, she extensively covered the Trump administration, and she hosted a documentary special focused on the current Vice President, Kamala Harris.

How She Does It

Adjusting to TV took some time for Phillip. For one, she had to learn how to deliver the news and explain things to people in a way they can easily understand.

She also had to get used to the lifestyle of a 24-hour news network, which sometimes involves late nights, early mornings, and even round-the-clock coverage when necessary.

She also had to adjust the way she did her hair and makeup. She had to know when she could get an hour to get herself together.

And on some occasions, she might only have half an hour or less to look presentable. Thankfully, there are people to help. But it took her some time to get used to everything.

Abby Phillip has a great show on cnn

A Hit with the Public

Even though Phillip has only been at CNN for three years, she has built a massive following in this time. On Twitter alone, her followers number more than 700,000.

A significant number of her followers praise her because she brings the point of view of a younger person to a medium that, for the past decade at least, has been dominated by older voices that youths don’t resonate with.

Changes Galore

Phillip’s new promotions aren’t the only ones happening at CNN, though. As if to celebrate the transition of power to the Biden administration, CNN has made a slew of changes.

For instance, Jake Tapper, who is the lead Washington correspondent for CNN, has become the lead anchor for every DC event.

His weeknight show, The Lead, has also been extended to run for two hours.

In addition, Tapper will share State of The Union, his Sunday show, with Dana Bash, the who’s the chief political correspondent.

Each of them will run the show for two Sundays each month.

As for Jim Acosta, he will finally get a deserved break from covering the Trump White House.

He is now the chief domestic correspondent, and he will be working alongside an anchor. In his place as the chief White House correspondent, Kaitlan Collins will take up the responsibility.

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