Coco Shared Her Daughter Chanel Nicole’s Mini Tips For Picture Day And It’s Cute


It is Picture day for baby Chanel Nicole, and baby girl is trending again, in part because mom shared her ‘full set’ of mini tips on Instagram.

Coco captioned the photo:
School Picture day!! For the special occasion, I let Chanel do mini tips to her nails..

I love doing her hair.. my little doll baby is what I call her…. @babychanelnicole

This is her post:


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A post shared by Coco (@coco)

Baby girl is so adorable and Twitter is loving the nails.



Recently we reported that Chanel went viral because in an exclusive with USMagazine Coco (mom) shared that her daughter Chanel “Still likes my (her) Boobs”. She called it a big bonding moment between mother and child.

“Chanel still likes my boobs,” the model, 42, exclusively told Us Weekly recently while sharing her parenting dos and don’ts. “It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.”

The Los Angeles native explained that while her little one does “eat steak and hamburgers,” Chanel “likes a little snack every now and then.”

Austin added, “Why take that away from her? … If she doesn’t want it, all right, that’s where you stop it. But I’m not just going to say no.”

The great thing that came out of that conversation was that Coco and Ice Tea were going to parent how they see fit and that their style is a little different according to them.

As long as Chanel is happy, is all that matters. Comment below if you love her nails!


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