This Couple Rocking To Prince In The Kitchen Will Make Your Day!


There is nothing like a good ole dance party in the kitchen especially with the man that you love. This couple went viral on Tumblr the other day because Marc Castillo, 23 secretly recorded his girlfreind Des Lynae, 21 and himself having a dance off in the kitchen.

The couple went out earlier that evening to celebrate their anniversary but when they got home they were still hungry and decided to make a meal together.

While cooking Prince’s “Kiss” came on and the result was this epic Tumblr video!

The comments on the video were as expected because it was the ultimate celebration of young love!

Des who was a little annoyed at first because her man recorded her without her knowing

“..i had no idea he was recording this bs. Smh”

But after watching the video she says it makes her happy and Marc’s moves are one of her favorite things about him!

“Cracks me up every time that I watch it because it’s one of my favorite things about him,” Lynae said.

One time for black love and Prince!


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