How To Create Instant Locs


Would you consider locing your hair? To be honest I would for a few reasons! For one, kinky coily hair tends to thrive better untouched, I love how locs look and with instant dreadlocks the process is easy.

I saw a really awesome video on Instagram created by @hairbyrelle, where she created instant locs on her client’s natural hair. She did not show exactly how she did it but the results were beautiful.

Watch below:

The video was interesting so I did a little research to see how exactly instant locs are created and found that there are a ton of tutorials on the process two of which I have shared below.

The idea behind instant locs is creating neat equal parts on the head, backcombing the hair on each section and then weaving the hair using a small crochet needle and crafty latch-hook.

The process does not take very long and you can wash your hair instantly after the process is finished. One negative to creating locs this way is that it might not be good for men or women with thinning hair and you definitely cannot do it yourself.

Watch these tutorials to see how instant locs are created.

Using a crochet needle

You can also add extensions to your locs if you so desire just like Relle did in the Instagram video, these extensions will give you automatic length and you never have to remove them. (Please note: If you want to add extensions to your locs they should be 100% human hair for the locs to work.)

If you are concerned about loc extensions and how it affects your actual loced hair then you should watch this video:

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