Create The Perfect Summer Bob/Lob With Peak Mill Start To Finish


At this point, it is just a given that if Peak Mill publishes a wig slay, especially a custom bob, I will post it!

Check out her latest creation:

Notes from her video:

* Products used:

(Bleach knots)
* salon care 30 volume developer
* clairol bw2 powder lightener
* ardell color corrector
* mixing bowl & applicator brush
* cork wig making block head(22″…get one according to your head size)
* isoplus neutralizing shampoo
* shimmer lights shampoo

(Customize hairline)
* tweezer
* rat tail comb
* razor comb
* shears

(Tint lace)
* adore semi permanent hair color(honey brown…darker skin tones might need darker shades)
* hot water
* bowl
* shimmer lights shampoo(optional)

(Apply Wig)
* elastic band(used the one wowafrican provided but can be bough from a craft store)
* needle & thread
* jane carter wrapping/setting lotion
* scarf or head wrap to tie down
* got2b styling gel
* blow dryer used on cool setting(optional)

(Cut bob/lob)
* any good clipper without a guard(ones I use are by wahl and and andis)
* rat tail comb
* tripod wig head stand

(Color bob/lob)
* clairol bw2 powder lightener
* 20, 30, and 40 volume salon care developers
* olaplex
* mixing bowl & applicator brush
* foil(optional)
* loreal superior preference hair color(7 1/2A medium ash blonde)

(Glue wig)
* got2b styling gel
* at least 90% rubbing acohol
* herimports cling lacewig glue
* makeup brush to apply glue(optional)
* wig clips
* hairspray to tame fly aways

(Remove & care for wig)
* herimports uncling lace wig glue removal
* shimmer lights shampoo


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