Curly Girl Amandla Stenberg Admits That Her Love For Her Hair Is Sometimes A Constant Battle


Recently Amandla Stenberg sat down with Glamour Magazine to have a very candid conversation about meeting Beyonce and her love for her natural hair.

The magazine posed the question:What is your relationship with your hair and how has it changed since you were a young girl?

To which she admitted that her relationship with her hair is a constant battle:

Via Glamour:

Oh man. I’ve gone through so many different hair stages. My first stage was when I was younger, and I thought my hair was too big, so I always kept it in this giant poof on top of my head. I wasn’t that great at doing ponytails, and so it was always really messy, and after that, as I kind of hit puberty and went to middle school and everything, I started doing things to make it smaller and straighter.

I got Keratin treatments, and then I had bangs that I straightened every day. It was awful. It was like frying the front part of my hair off. And I was basically doing anything to make it look straight, and then I came to the realization that I—because of the internet honestly, because of seeing people on the internet post pictures with their natural hair, I realised like, “Oh, wait, this is actually so cool.

Why have I been fighting this component of myself for so long?” And so I chopped it all off and slowly grew it back in its natural state, and now I love it. And I still have moments once in a while where I feel the need to conform, but that’s also not really my—those are not my original ideas, like I don’t really feel that inside.

It’s just when you look around and you see people with straight hair in media, you kind of feel the need to fit in, so it’s kind of a constant battle loving my hair. It’s something that I’m continuously working on.

Read the entire interview here.


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