Dad Exposes Racist Mom Who Hates Cornrows On Their Biracial Child


A father took to Facebook to expose the mother of his child when she vehemently expressed that she hated her biracial daughter’s hair styled in cornrows.

We all know that biracial children tend to have very thick or fine curly hair and so one of the best ways to care for it is through protective styles like cornrows.

In this story a dad took his daughter to a stylist to get her hair done and sent a picture to his daughter’s mom hoping for her approval.

What he got was a racial tirade of insults that was pretty sad considering mom admitted that she did not want to embrace ‘that side of her’.

“It’s ugly. My kid is more white in my eye not fully black so she don’t need that ugly hairstyle…

[H]er hair is for me. The natural curls. Nick I don’t gotta embrace that side of her. This isn’t history class.”

Check out the sad exchange:



If you want to read the rest of this rant, click here.

All I can say about this is hopefully this child does not grow up hating her curly hair or hating parts of herself that she cannot control.

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  1. Ummm…. I mean. ?
    The moral of this story is to be careful with who you lay with.
    I hope that her daughter doesn’t read these messages one day. It’s a sad thing to know that her mother can’t accept all of her even though she helped make her into a beautiful biracial princess.

  2. I adopted my husband’s daughter last year. I am a white skinned Cuban and my husband is a dark skinned Cuban. Her late mother was a very dark skinned half Jamaican half Cuban woman. I am proud to be learning how to style my baby girl’s hair. I am proud to make sure she knows her beautiful heritage and I keep a picture of her mother in her bedroom. I don’t want her to be confused or to miss out on knowing where she came from. This story is heartbreaking. Thankfully she has a dad who knows a teaching his little princess to love herself.

  3. I think she wanted a bi-racial baby but she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s part black! Lol! I have seen bi-racial children and their hair was a hot mess! I actually had to do one little girl hair for her grandmother! Sorry to say this but her hair mattered together so badly by not combing it from the root, that it had to be cut off! The child was so tender headed that she was afraid to comb her own hair and would cry if someone else tried to comb it! Curly or kinky hair should be taken good care of!

    • Very true I did my friend daughter hair it was the same problem I had too plus she don’t want nobody in her hair. Dad having a very hard time with her.

  4. Sadly to one who is going to suffer the most with be that beautiful little girl. I just hope that she will see her beauty in spite of her mother

  5. Both my children are biracial and I and their father both imbrace both sides of their cultural background. I love it when my girls have funky cornrows and when they have it natural. They look beautiful either way.

  6. I think they were in a relationship and it went wrong and just like ANY bitter woman, will use any and everything for spite and revenge because of a failed relationship.

  7. I am going to say straight up this lady must be some kinda crazy. How can you not accept the fact that your child is half black when you laid down with a black man??? See I don’t have a problem with interracial dating but this is what makes me mad don’t wait until you don’t work out to damn near call the other racist names. Do it in the beginning so the person knows you feel that way. That goes for both sides straight up


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