Dallas Residents Sign A Petition To Have The Robert E Lee Park Renamed In Honor Of Erykah Badu


If you live in the Dallas area you are probably very familiar with how important Erykah Badu has been in our community and just for the culture.

Well with that thought in mind, last week, Dallas officials removed a statue that honored Confederate general Robert E. Lee from its namesake park and now residents are making the suggestion that it be named after Erykah Badu.

They even initiated a petition which has been signed by over 2000 people and Pete Freedman who is the co-founder of Central Track, explained on their website just why they thought that the songstress should be honored with the park.

“Lord knows the renowned R&B singer deserves that distinction. Hell, they already named a whole day after her down in Houston, recognizing her many accomplishments and all that she’s done to inspire young artists around the state, and somehow beating Dallas to that punch,” Freedman wrote. “Naming a local park after her would go a long way toward making up for that misstep, for sure.”

Erykah rides for her city for sure, guiding and employing local artists as well as supporting local festivals and just really giving back to a place near and dear to her heart.

It remains to be seen what will actually happen but I think it would be awesome to have a park named after Erykah, what do you think?

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