Louisiana Teenager Denied Graduation Due To Facial Hair

Denied Graduation Due To Facial Hair

Louisiana Teenager And Validictorian Denied Graduation Due To Facial Hair. Andrew Jones is an excellent student, straight A’s, excelled in sports a perfect candidate for graduation, but he had one problem. He had facial hair.

To the average reader, this might seem ridiculous and it is ridiculous in my opinion because school official chose to make an example of a very good student over a goatee.

Others might disagree and say the rules are the rules and if you do not follow them then you deserve to lose everything you spent 4 years working for.

Denied Graduation Due To Facial Hair

Read the story according to CNN:

NEW ORLEANS, La. — A teenager in Louisiana is the student of the year in his high school. But he was still not allowed to take the stage at his graduation ceremony on Wednesday. The issue: his facial hair.

Andrew Jones never made anything less than an “A” his entire four years at Amite High School. He is also excelled in all sports, and landed a college scholarship.

Jones proudly donned his cap and gown, and headed to the SLU assembly center to take his spot on the stage. The program even had his name on it: student of the year.

But school officials took his cap and gown away from him, and barred him from the stage.

Jones and a group of students were told they had to shave before they could march across the stage. Jones shaved the sides, but chose not to shave the goatee. And he wasn’t allowed to participate in his own graduation.

Superintendent Mark Kolwe said that he couldn’t answer for what school administrators did previously. He did say that the Tangipahoa Parish school system has a policy that male students should be clean-shaven, and he says that Jones was denied the stage after he personally tried to get Jones to shave.

Others who did shave were allowed to participate. Jones will never have another high school graduation. But he stands by his decision.

Weigh in, is this petty or should he have just shaved?

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