3 Digital Marketing Tools Every Stylist Should Use

Digital Marketing Tools for Every Stylist

In this article, we covered that, Digital Marketing Tools for Every Stylist Should Use. Knowing how to effectively market your services and products to people is no easy feat. No matter if you’ve been in business for 20 days or 20 years, finding out what your customers do and don’t answer to can be a daunting task.

As a stylist, effective marketing is important because it is one of the major keys to having a flourishing business for many years to come. Struggling to find the right tools to make it happen? Here are 3 digital marketing tools every stylist should use to market to their customers!

Digital Marketing Tools for Every Stylist- Canva

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Canva is graphic design made easy. It’s a website that allows you to make banners, advertisements, pitch decks, flyers, and whatever other visual aid you need for your business, in both print and digital formats. The ready-to-customize layouts and drag-and-drop feature allow you to put an idea together quickly with the thousands of free and premium creative elements they have available for use.

Why You Need It: Marketing as a stylist means that you are heavily reliant on visuals. Whether you’re trying to bring in some new clients or promote a styling event, visually-appealing content always wins. It’s also great for planning slides and marketing packets for corporate presentations and sponsorship opportunities.

Digital Marketing Tools for Every Stylist- Acuity Scheduling

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Acuity Scheduling is a solution that allows your clients to see schedule availability in real-time and allows them to book an appointment accordingly. Not only does it eliminate the hassle of answering a million scheduling questions or being accidentally overbooked, it also permits fast and easy client payments takes down contact information for consultation, and helps you create branded follow-ups and reminders for already booked clients.

Why You Need It: A large part of great marketing is being seen as a company that is legitimate and reliable, and what better way to do that than to use systems that are secure and organized?  Acuity alleviates most of the painstaking work out of accepting appointments, payments, and carrying out follow-ups and reminders. Your only job really is to review and keep commitments!

Digital Marketing Tools for Every Stylist- Mailchimp

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For years, Mailchimp has been used to create amazing newsletters and e-mail promotions for small businesses. However, it’s so much more useful than just newsletters! It also connects to other platforms you may be operating business from–like Shopify, Eventbrite, Squarespace–and helps you collect contacts, sync data, create targeted campaigns, and keep in touch with your email list. You can also create landing pages, social media ads, sign up forms, and postcards that can be customized via automation (notifications and reminders) and optimization (collecting useful customer data).

Why You Need It: Mailchimp is the ideal one-stop-shop for small business owners who are working alone or with a small team, and need tools that are easy to use and understand. It’s the one thing that connects you with clients and keeps you in the loop about what’s working and what is not. 

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