DIY Copper Pixie Bowl Cut Wig With Peakmill


Bruh! Peakmill is at it again and this time she created a super cute and super sexy Copper pixie bowl cut wig and it is stunning

By now you probably already know that Peakmill makes great wigs but she also shares her process and is very detailed in her tutorials. If you want to try making this wig yourself you should not have a problem, just follow along:

Watch below:

What you will need:

* Rpg show virgin indian hair
* Mayvenn blonde hair
* Milky way 27 piece hair(#4)
* 20 and 40 volume developers
* mixing bowl/applicator brush
* foil
* loreal hicolor for dark hair only(ash blonde)
* wella color tango(copper)
* Canvas block head(get the size that matches your head size)
* Wig making tripod
* T-pins
* Adjustable wig cap
* Glue glue and glue sticks
* Sheers
* Hair razor
* rat tail comb
* Clipper
* curling wand
* Flat iron

I would also suggest watching her 27 Piece Lace Frontal Tapered Bob Wig that I also published a few weeks ago just in case you want some more ideas on how you can make another version of this style. At the end of the day have fun with it and make the style your own.

Happy DIY!


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