Do You Agree? Tamar Braxton Says She Will Not Go Half With A Dude – “It’s a total turn off for me”

Do You Agree? Tamar Braxton Says She Will Not Go Half With A Dude -

Tamar Braxton has Twitter debating an age-old life issue.

Should women and men go dutch on a date?

This was her tweet:

Let me go first!

If I were on the dating scene I would rather he pay for everything or I pay for everything than go half.

There you go I said it!

On Twitter, many tend to agree, but there are others who do not mind and do not find it a turn-off.

One Twitter user noted that there is nothing wrong with how Tamar felt.

another called it tacky.

Another person said “If it’s a first date the guy should pay.

But I think after a few dates either we take turns paying.

But If you going out with friends go in half but not all the time or take turns paying.

and another person said she absolutely will not go half period because she spends too much money on looking amazing for the date in the first place.


This was also an interesting take on the debate! This person suggested that there shouldn’t be any hard and fast rules until there is a relationship.

Going dutch eliminates monetary pretenses when you are just getting to know each other.




and finally:

What are your thoughts?

Do you think going half is a turn-off? Comment below!


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