Do You Put Stuff In Your Hair? 4 Creative Ways To Jazz Up Your Style


Pablo Picasso said “that every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” — I vow to never grow up because I think as an adult we can still embrace ‘the strange’ with the same freedom a child would and make it look beautiful.

With that said, do you put things in your hair, crowns, safety pins perhaps? Instagram is my haven for everything creative and I am always looking for dope pics with women who do creative things with their hair. Check out these women who dare to put stuff in their hair?

@jascmeen-pins-300x298@2x-2a (1)

Jascmeen did this look for Coachella and I absolutely loved it, I can’t imagine how many times she was asked: “how did you do that”?

Shensea rocked the same look the other day as well:


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❄️❄️2020 ShenYengz y’all ready? ❄️❄️ Styled myself and did my own hair today 😁 #TrickaTreat

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rings in her hair
@rings in my hair

What a dope way to jazz up your corn rows, @thevicstyles added rings to her corn rows and I am inlove!


Flowers will never get old but gone are the days of just a single flower pinned to the left side of the head perfectly. #notwigsallowed. These days women are adding all sorts of flowers and twigs with so many different colors no flower head is the same!


The infamous crown, if not in public rock one for a dope picture! @vicstyles is giving me all kinda queen realness with this one.

What stuff do you put in your hair?


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