Do You Put Your Shoes On First When You Get Dressed?

June Ambrose

I know I know, odd question but I really wanted to get feedback on this! Here’s the thing! I was scrolling through Jackie Aina’s internet and I came across June Ambrose’s Instagram. I follow her but as the algorithm would have it, I never see any of her posts unless I land on her page or actively seek her out. – Anyway, I digress!

If you are clueless about who June Ambrose is, she is a celebrity costume designer and creative director and super funny! She creates fashion content on her Insta and recently she has been recording herself getting dressed while on set or in her hotel room.

The videos are cute but I couldn’t help but notice that June puts her shoes on first when she gets dressed. I mean sneakers, boots, you name it she puts them on first!



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#maverickmonday “This is how we do it” ready.. Set.. flow…

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I never do that!


Or is it just me?

Here is another video:


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#sobersaturday Read… Set… Time to Go… ✈️ #travelday in the #juniverse

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Of course, I did a little research to determine if this could be some fashion revelation that I knew nothing about and I am happy to report June is in the minority on Google! However!! I do think putting on your shoes first can be a thing!


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Most people say they put their undies on first, then clothes, then shoes! If you wear leggings then that’s after underwear, so on and so forth. Shoes are always last!

I put on my shoes last! What do you do? Comment below!


  1. Some individuals may put their shoes on first prior to doing their hair or make-up if they are of shorter statue, to reach the mirror. But I would always think undies first! I myself although taller will get almost completely dressed including bra then put my shoes on to do my hair and make-up, then put my top on last to keep it free of make-up hair spray etc. I use a hair and face make-up cover to as protection if I have to pull shirt/sweater on. If I am not wearing make-up are hair is already set, braided etc., shoes or the last thing I put on before grabbing my keys and purse.


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