#Emojitrend – Women Are Adding Emoji’s To Their Hair On Instagram And It’s So Cute


While there are a ton of trends that pop up on Instagram, I think the #emojotrend or #emojihair has to be one of my faves. The #emojitrend has been around since November and it is picking up steam as more women edit their photos and participate in it.

Before you check out more of the pictures, here is how you do it. If you use Instagram stories or Snap Chat all you have to do is edit your pictures with a few emoji stickers positioning them within your hair on the picture. Another option is to download the app Picsart, choose text, choose your emoji and place them one by one into your hair.

I used the app and created this one:

It’s not perfect but it was my first time and it takes awhile to get the emoji’s small enough to make the look cute!

This is how women have been editing their pictures on Instagram:


Cute right? – Let us know if you try it!


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