Eniko Parrish Says She Is Embarrassed And Feels “Let Down” By Hart


I know we haven’t spoken about the Kevin Hart situation before on the blog but since Eniko recently shared her thoughts I wondered what you all thought about it.

Frankly, I was let down by Hart, but I was not over the moon surprised because of his history with his Exwife Torrei.

Here is what People Magazine reported:

And while the couple appears as a united front, the source says Parrish still feels “let down” by Hart. “She can’t trust him.”

But despite the current setback, Parrish is still standing by her wedding vows.

“She is adamant about working through it,” adds the source. “She won’t give up on their marriage.”

A second source previously told PEOPLE Hart is “embarrassed” by the scandal.

“Kevin’s not doing too well,” said the source. “He’s really embarrassed that all of his personal business is out there for everyone to see.”

I do agree that this whole thing is very embarrassing, but do you feel sorry for Eniko? Would you have stayed? Comment below!


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