“Entrepreneur till I die; I deserve this, bye.” – Issa Rae Gives Hilarious Speech At The Women In Film Gala

Issa Rae Women in Film

Ya’ll when I tell you that Issa Rae is crazy! This girl won the first ever Emerging Entrepreneur Award at the 2019 Women In Film gala in Los Angeles and gave the most hilarious speech she ended with a standing ovation!

Before she officially began telling folks off, she hilariously shared that she did not invite her dad only to have him show up anyway. Then admitting without shame that he had no intention of being humble about receiving the award because none of the hip hop stars she was raised with were humble.

Watch for yourself:

If I were to pick my favourite lines, it has to be the below:

“I’m the first, so you future hoes need to bow down,”

“I’m closing all doors behind me, so if you didn’t make it in, oops, your bad! You’re out!”

“UTA, worry about that writers’ strike instead of about me” and “HBO, keep running me my money, please and thank you”

And finally the one line I plan to write on everything, everywhere – “Entrepreneur till I die; I deserve this, bye.”

Congratulations Issa!


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