Eva Marcille Graces The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine With The Baddest Goddess Locs Ever


Eva Marcille is on the Cover of Rolling Out Magazine and the shoot she did was absolutely stunning. I am not going to lie, I loved what she said in her editorial but I couldn’t get past her locs!

Her hair was done by Dr. Kari the Trichologist and creator of the now very popular goddess locs, also known for styling other women like Brandy and Megan Good.

In her piece, Eva spoke about her own personal growth and gave her two cents on terms like “Black Girl Magic” “Stay Woke”.

She also shared how 2017 will be different for her as she owns the fact that she is her own boss. Read a snip below:

You mentioned wanting to open Black women’s eyes to learn more about themselves. With “Black girl magic” and “stay woke” serving as really popular catchphrases, do you think that we’re on the verge of Black people opening their eyes or do you feel like it’s just a fad?

Today’s American society is at a place where we need liberation. For Black people, who basically created this country and are living in the country that we never felt a part of, I feel like what’s happening now politically and socially is the rebirth of civil rights. In the ’60s, they fought, they got killed, they were beaten, and they got jailed. So then in the ’70s and ’80s, we were able to gain from what happened in the ’60s.

We had the ability to go to college, where we might not have been able to before with different acts and bills that allowed us to do so. I think a lot of us just felt like, “We’re good now.” We can go to Ivy League schools and drive nice cars. But I think what happened with this new election is the unveiling of the truth of America and the truth of where we still are. What it has done more to the millennials than anyone, is [awakened them]. When you used to look at magazines and television, and nothing looked like you.

That’s not the truth anymore. We have Issa Rae doing “Insecure.” We have rolling out setting the trends. So, I feel like my job in this movement is to help to empower and to encourage. It’s not an easy fight. My job is to let my sister and my brother know that I see them, I have their back, and I stand with them. We are not subhuman, or second-rate, or second-class. We are beautiful people.

And I feel like we are just learning that as a Black culture, and even Latinos, and Middle-Eastern people, and all these beautiful cultures that make up America, it’s the difference that makes us great. Where we all tried to fit into this mold for so long, it’s no longer about fitting in. It’s about being different. I think when we learn to accept that is when we can truly grow.

Let’s talk about 2017. What are you excited about?

I’m super excited about so many things: the fact that I made it to this year, the fact that I have an amazing new eyewear line. The feeling of creating the product, and being able to display what I want to display. There’s something liberating when it is your product, your creation, your truth, and you’re giving that to the world.

I can’t even explain that feeling. So in 2017, I’ll still be doing television, film and modeling. But First Ave. Eyewear is like Marley, my daughter, it’s my new baby. It’s my ability to walk into a new year differently than I walked in last year. Last year, I was trying to be somebody else’s client, trying to catch somebody else’s check, trying to pose in somebody else’s product. Now I’m looking for somebody to pose in my product. It’s amazing. So 2017 is my year of liberation.

You can read the entire article here.


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