Eva Marcille To Join The Real Housewives Of Atlanta


Eva Marcille is supposedly next to become America’s next ‘real housewife’ of Atlanta. According to TMZ she has been filming for the upcoming season of RHOA.

See below:

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” wanna switch things up this season, and it’s up to former “America’s Next Top Model” winner Eva Marcille to pass the test. Sources close to the production tell TMZ … producers invited Eva for the upcoming season to see if she fits with the current cast.

We’re told she’s already shot a few scenes with NeNe Leakes at her home. Eva — who won season 3 of ‘Top Model’ — could possibly replace Cynthia Bailey or Porsha Williams because we’re told one of them might be phased out next season on account of their story lines drying up.

Eva’s age also makes her attractive — at 32 she’d be younger than the other ladies. However, we’re told the most important requirement is chemistry and drama. Eva’s gotta bring it … like she totes did on ‘ANTM.’

Lawd RHOA be is about to be something else!


  1. I think all of the Housewives franchises need to end now. There’s not much left that you can do with them. They’ve all become so redundant. It’s the same, inauthentic, dramatic, rehearsed, petty issues, over and over again, with most of them taking place on a trip somewhere. Now, it’s just become boring and so predictable.


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