Expecting Mom Facing Backlash For Not Canceling Baby Shower After Testing Positive For COVID


Amber Lache shared her baby shower video to her Tiktok following and let’s just say things did not quite go as well as she might have expected in her comment section.

The video went viral with over 3 million views and a ton of comments.

According to her caption – Amber tested positive for COVID the day before her baby shower and decided not to cancel or postpone the occasion.

Instead, she showed up to the shower in a plastic bubble thing-a-ma-jig.

According to the expecting mom, she tried to reschedule but there were no dates until after the baby would have been born.

see below:

I can see this is getting hate so let me say – 1st of all I tried to reschedule but there were no dates til after I have baby. & so I let everyone Know I had covid and they could come at their own risk, and I basically went at the end and sat in a bubble and watched my baby daddy open the gifts.

People are calling the mom selfish, saying even in the bubble she still exposed everyone to COVID and saying they should have at least had masks.

Lisa Slover
Girl this is why we are nearing one million cases a day, 2 years into this thing. This. Right here.

nah you could have just canceled the actual party and let them know they were more than welcome to come and leave gifts at the door. you “baby daddy”

Kassie Edinger
Yikes. It’s not just a personal risk when hospitals are full so even people taking precautions can’t get emergency medical care when they need it.

could have made it virtual. or just not done it and still had a registry. and i don’t see a single mask on ANYONE in the video.

Watch the video below:


I was not going to let covid kill my baby shower. #babyshower #covid19 #covidbubble #pregnancytok #improvise #boostofhope

♬ yeah hot people use this sound – cxaluv



Reply to @kitkat1988lol my sweet baby girl is already so spoiled ??? #covid19 #babyshower #covidbubble #pregnancytok #girlmom

♬ Pope Is a Rockstar – Sales

In another video, Amber tried to prove that her bubble was actually very protective by showing an email she sent to the company as well as their reply.


Reply to @jj_dolla and so far, everyone who attended my shower is NEGATIVE for COVID. Hoping it stays that way and the bubble worked ??❤️

♬ original sound – Amber

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