Facebook User Asks For Prayers For Child Actress Maia Campbell “She Isn’t Doing Well”


Recently, a facebook user London Taj’ier shared a Facebook post asking followers for prayers for former actress Maia Campbell. You remember Maia right? She was the actress from the comedy show In The House that most of us grew up watching.

This is what London wrote:

Most everyday for the last few years when I stop by the Texaco off Campbellton Rd. there is this woman who always asks me for money and rides. Just about everyday she compliments me and tells me that I am a bad bitch who should consider being apart of the entertainment business…I usually just smile at her and brush her off, but I always felt like she looked so familiar….🤔

Although she is visibly strung out on drugs and openly pimping herself out for money and drugs, she always seemed so out of place to me. In person she still has remnants of her old self, and she definitely has a glow of beauty that stands out amongst the rest of the usual crackheads and prostitutes that frequent the store daily.

On 2-14-20 she caught me at the package store and engaged in her usual conversation with me. I’m not sure why after all these years I finally decided to actually stop and speak with her longer than I usually do. I told her that she looked so familiar to me, and that she appeared to be out of place for some reason. She told me that I’d probably seen her before on a few tv shows and music videos in the 90s. I thought she was joking until she pulled out her phone and began showing me pictures of herself b4 she became completely strung out…

Come to find out this woman who is always telling me how beautiful I am and begging me for change is Maia Campbell…an actress best known for her role on LL Cool J’s show In the House!😮😱😱😱😱🥵

I almost started crying as I spoke with her on Valentine’s Day. I absolutely adored her growing up!😍Never in a million years would I have thought Maia Campbell would be complimenting me and asking me for help…🙅🏿‍♀️…

I told her how much I loved her as a young person and how I always thought she was so beautiful and talented. She asked me not to photograph or video her on that day because she was high as hell and didn’t need anymore footage of herself in that condition floating around the internet. So I respected her wishes…👌🏿

She did promise me that the next time she saw me she would be sure to take a picture with me on a day where she felt more presentable since she sees me all the time. I asked her why she was out here living like she wasn’t once a beautiful star who was adored by millions of people at one time? She said that at somepoint in her life she lost sight of her value, gave up, and allowed herself to be used and abused by just about any and everybody in Hollywood and Atlanta, and it’s been a difficult up and down process for her since then…😢

I gave her the biggest, longest hug and told her that I will be praying for her deliverance from the demons that have held her soul captive for so long. I told her that no matter what, she is still a beautiful talented black queen to me, and if ever she is ready to restart her road to recovery and needs my help I will do whatever I can to help her, because I actually looked up to her as a young girl. She began crying as we hugged and told me that not only was I so beautiful to her on the outside but stunningly gorgeous on the inside. She thanked me for treating her like a human being, and I bought her a box of chocolates from the Family Dollar next door for Valentine’s Day!❤

I told her that I would never give her any of my money 🙅🏿‍♀️to support her habit, but I would start bringing her food and some of my old clothes so she wouldn’t be down completely bad out there in these streets. I also told her that if she ever felt like she was in danger and needed a place to lay her head from time to time to protect herself from the harsh weather she could contact me. The look in her eyes was priceless. The deadness in her eyes lit up briefly and she kissed me on my forehead and said God bless you my beautiful queen as she stored my number in her phone.❤

I’m not sure what God has in store for any of us, but I want to request for all of my social media friends to pray for Ms. Maia Campbell. She isn’t doing well at all, but with enough support and love I do believe she can overcome and conquer her demons. Yall please pray for Maia Campbell fr fr…she is such a sweet person and still has so much life left to live. 💯

London’s message on FB was so touching, I had to share! Praying for Maia!


  1. But London didn’t respect her wishes. She took several pictures of Maia and posted them on Facebook so no she is no saint and deserves no praise. When you truly want to help someone there is no need for cameras or video.

  2. My God of Zion…Ive read about mias full story & she capture my heart & attention.She will recover in Jesus name .I claim deliverence for her life & well being.Yeas we fall short sometimes , but @ the end of the day God has the final say.My prayers have always been for her to continuously to keep watch over her cs its definitely a cold world out here .Be blessed Mia for God has got you every step of the way .When you have your light bulb moment .It is then you will know😘😍😘

  3. I’m praying for Maia 🙏🏽May God arrest her soul and send his protective angels all around her. God brought you two together for a reason he has a plan for her life and yours God bless you too as well

  4. Father God I come to you on behalf of one of your children Mia. God there are times when we all fall short of your glory and you are always there to lift us up. This sister needs your grace and mercy. Whatever the enemy has on her I ask you to release her from his hold. Lead her to someone who can teach her with you all things are possible. Until she is led to the light place a hedge of angels around her to protect her from harm. In Jesus name I pray amen 🙏🏽


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