Struggling With Body Scars? Here’s How To Flawlessly Conceal Them In Seconds

Disguising hyperpigmentation and scars on brown and deep skin tones

Let’s be real—unsightly scars and hyperpigmentation on your body can definitely put a damper on your confidence. I know for me personally, dealing with the aftermath of body acne left me scarred up and super insecure about wearing things like tank tops and shorts. 

Unfortunately, I know this is something other women struggle with as well. Whether it’s from acne, an adolescent injury, or genetics, scars and hyperpigmentation on the body are difficult to deal with.

And while there are tons of treatments and products to help you clear up and even out your tone over time, sometimes we want that quick fix just so we can be comfortable in our skin in the meantime. 

Self-Tanners For Your Skin Tone 

Self Tanners for Scars
Source: SELF

Now, when you think of who uses self-tanners, black women with medium to deep skin tones aren’t exactly the first people to come to mind. In fact, it’s been long believed that tanning creams and lotions are only for super pale skin and this is not the case. 

When it comes to covering scars and hyperpigmentation, self-tanners might just be your best friend. They’re a thick, opaque consistency that come in a range of different shades for all undertones and most skin shades. 

Think of it as foundation, but for your body. You can apply it on your trouble zones and even if it doesn’t cover every little imperfection, it’ll make a huge difference. 

Recommendations: St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse and Vita Liberata Body Blur

Liquid or Cream-Based Body Bronzers 

Body Bronzer for Scars

Like self-tanners, body bronzers can cover even the deepest, darkest scars and hyperpigmentation. However, bronzers are a better option for deep skin tones because they always come in darker shades, which means they offer better coverage. 

Plus, bronzers give a gorgeous glow and shimmer that your average self-tanners typically won’t. The best thing about bronzers is that they come in cream and liquid, so they soak into your skin and don’t transfer as much as a loose powder would. 

One downfall is that bronzers aren’t very versatile in shade, so it may not be the best option for lighter complexions looking to even out their skin tone without darkening it a shade or two. 

Recommendations:Power Bronzer Cream Bronzer by Danessa Myricks Beauty and SOL by Jergens Tone Enhancing Body Bronzer

Tinted Moisturizers 

Tinted moisturizers are exactly that—moisturizers with a little tint in it. This is the best option for those of you with scars that are light or very minimal because they’re not full coverage, but they even-out your skin tone beautifully. 

One great thing about tinted moisturizers is that you can easily make them at home by mixing your favorite moisturizer with an all-natural, skin-safe ingredient such as clove, cinnamon, or whatever spice matches your shade. 

Personally, I think tinted moisturizers work best for scars on the face, neck, and chest because it typically comes in smaller amounts and has a thinner consistency. Plus, it has a natural-looking finish that works best on the upper body. 

Recommendations: Smashbox Halo Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer and ColourPop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer 

A few tips:
  • For all three of these options, a little goes a long way! Instead of trying to cover larger areas with more product, use a little bit at a time and keep applying until you have your desired coverage. 
  • Consider using a setting spray. Sometimes transfer does happen, so you need to be adequately prepared. Setting spray is the girl that’ll get the job done!
  • Steer clear of this method if you’re dealing with an inflamed or infected area. Scars and hyperpigmentation is one thing, but open wounds are another. Allow them to heal and then move forward. 
  • Allow everything to dry before putting on your clothing (especially white!)
Now that you’re hip to a few of the quick-fix methods and tips to covering body scars and imperfections, are you willing to give any of them a try? Let us know in the comments below. 


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