Fake It Till You Make It! – Four Hairstyles Using Extension Hair On Super Short 4C Hair


I came across Jane Nashe in my Youtube feed and got lost in her tutorials because she is able to create the cutest updo’s using extension hair on her short natural hair.

You know that old saying fake it till you make it? Well, Jane takes that to a whole new level because her short hair has no limitations.

In this post, I want to feature four of her styles for those of you who might be stuck when thinking of creative ways of styling your TWA.

Twist Faux Updo

Faux Hawk Updo

If you have short natural hair and you think you can’t do a puff? Think again, check this video out:

No Cornrows Crochet Pony Hawk On Short Natural Hair

Things to note about Jane’s hair, it lays pretty easily because her hair is fine so if you find that your short hair is coarse you might need to add a bit more product. The point is there are no limits with hair styling get creative and if you need inspiration, you can always head over to Jane Nashe’s channel.



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