Fatal Affair Starring Nia Long And Omar Epps Is Perfect For Netflix And Chill

Fatal Affair

Netflix just released Fatal Affair starring Nia Long and Omar Epps who we saw together in the movie Too Deep (LL Cool J’s portrayal of drug kingpin Dwayne Gittens) 21 years ago.

The movie is directed by Peter Sullivan and is a psychological drama that kind of reminds us of an old school 90’s thriller.

Via People:
Fatal Affair

“A brief encounter takes a dangerous turn when Ellie (Long) discovers her old friend David (Epps) is more unstable than she realized,” a description of the film reads on YouTube.

The trailer for the film begins with a shot of a stunning bay area before viewers are introduced to Ellie and her husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) as they settle into their new home.

“You think it was a mistake leaving the city?,” Ellie asks Marcus before he tells her, “It’s our time. You’re stuck with me.”

The scene cuts away and viewers then get their first glimpse at Epps as David as he reconnects with Ellie as she begins work at her new law firm.

“It’s been a long time, huh?” she asks him to which he responds, “20 years

The pair then head out for a drink where Ellie confides in David that her life isn’t as picture-perfect as it may seem.
Fatal affair

“I do have the perfect life but you know one day you wake up and the person sleeping next to you feels like a complete stranger,” she tells him.

Shots of Ellie and David growing closer together flash upon the screen before things begin to get more intense. Telling David, “there is no us,” Ellie then starts to see David unravel as his obsession with her intensifies.

The trailer pivots to scenes of Ellie fighting for her life, as she calls for help on a police scanner beside a dead officer before David appears in the car’s headlights.

Fatal Affairs Reviews

According to the NY Times, the movie wasn’t great, noting that there is a ton of “recycled material”.

This is how they described it:

That’s the good news in this Netflix dance of déjà vu, one with scarcely a camera move, plot swerve or line of dialogue that hasn’t already graced myriad romantic thrillers and special-victim police procedurals.

At its center is the aspirational marriage and luxurious beachfront home of Ellie (Nia Long) and Marcus (Stephen Bishop, likely lamenting his far juicier role as a playboy in the ridiculously entertaining BET series “Being Mary Jane”). Ellie is a lawyer who’s rarely to be found lawyering; instead, she has sex (in a shower, in front of a fireplace) and near-sex (in a public bathroom). This last occurs after an ill-advised slow dance with David (Omar Epps), an old friend from school hired by her firm as a technical consultant.

Accessorized with bloody bathwater and crashing surf, this designer-trashy melodrama (directed by Peter Sullivan) overflows with big little lies and baffling behavior. (One minute Ellie is complaining that her husband feels like a stranger; the next they’re frolicking like newlyweds.) Seemingly devised by algorithm and performed by actors who can only be described as good sports, “Fatal Affair” is so soggy not even Estelle could set it ablaze.

Twitter had fun with the thriller as well:

Watch the teaser below:

Have you watched it yet? Here is my opinion – the movie won’t change your life, but our good sis and Omar are in it so I would support it regardless!

yea what she said!



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