How To Do Faux Crochet Locs Without Cornrows!


What if I told you I found a video that demonstrates how to do crochet faux locs without cornrows or a braid pattern? This new technique was created by Jazz Nicole on Youtube and I have to say it is super easy and pretty innovative. If you are the girl who cannot do a braid pattern then this technique is perfect for you.

Watch below:

This is a tutorial with longer hair:



Dope right? This is definitely a game changer!


  1. I think she is talented but her attitude to people that question her claim that its ‘her method’ (Jazz Nicole method) is downright unprofessional. She trolls other youtubers pages that do similar videos and calls them out using profane language for not crediting her. Who says that they were inspired by her and not the countless other youtubers that have done such methods with a few subscribers? There is a thin line between copyright and inspiration and who says that she hasn’t infringed on the copyright of creators before her? It shocks me that so many youtubers these days are desperate for likes and credit that they will go all out to slander others without much evidence. So she added a crochet needle and what else is different? Others have also done it with crochet, same hair and more. I used to get behind new youtubers but the petty trolling and damning other youtubers like the beehive is wrong. She calls herself a Queen but her attitude is far from it. I hope she rises up to be a Queen by learning from her mistakes

    • Hi Kelly thank you for your opinion, sometimes it can be hard for a new youtuber to get seen within this crowded creator space so if you come up with something that is innovative it can be hard to see other people do it and not give credit. To your point trolling isnt right and it defin isnt worth it. I have spoken to Jazz personally and we did talk about how important it is to rise above and not get caught up.. If they are following you then you need to just assume the position of ‘leader’ and roll with it. U are right though there is a thin line between copyright and inspiration and in this space the line is as thin as paper. Thanks again!

  2. The girl is da bomb @hair.Period, and she is a leader thats why i just had to add my sense to this. I just noticed her reaction about the JN method and I was surprised about the way she went about it. Kudos to her for keeping an eye on her trade but I personally felt she may have gone about it a bit too harsh. She has a right to be angry but within reason.She needs to realise that there are so many cliques in the YT Black community and when you try to call 1 of them out, they will all come and attack u. I know cos i’v seen this madness happen before!! The other youtubers that have blatantly, i repeat, blatantly stolen some of her hair videos/ideas will get caught out and thats downright unfair just for money and i’m sure there will be a tag about this problem particularly in the black hair community. I want Jazz to succeed just like my other sisters cos she is super talented.


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