Featured Stylist Yene Damtew – Michelle Obama’s Colorist And Stylist To The Obama Girls

Yene Damtew

We all know by now that Johnny Wright is the secret to Michelle Obama’s hairstyles, but there is someone else who is responsible for her flawless color.

Remember this look from last night? Michelle has subtle low lights and highlights that framed her face polishing her look perfectly.
mrs obamam color

The woman behind Michelle’s flawless color job is Yene Damtew and in a single tweet and Instagram post, I was able to find out a little bit about the Ethiopian-American woman.

From yenedamtew.com

Immediately following cosmetology school, the Ethiopian-American, La Palma, California native launched her career as the executive assistant to celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright. Less than six months after her apprenticeship began, she packed her bags and moved to Washington, DC, to become the personal hair stylist to the Obama Family.

Yene developed a skill for combining a “’Good’ Hair is Healthy Hair” philosophy with a modern and edgy style. Yene specializes in color and hair weaving techniques. And, her work has gained her a celebrity clientele such as actress Tracee Ellis Ross, actor Hugh Jackman, supermodel Cynthia Bailey, songstress Kandi Burruss and WJLA anchor Jummy Olabanji.

Yene’s energetic attitude and go-getter work ethic have also garnered the attention of other beauty industry professionals. She has consulted a number of budding entrepreneurs on developing and executing improved operational procedures to achieve their organizational objectives.

On Instagram, last night Yene gave a run down of the who is who of Michelle’s entire look:
Hair:@johnnywright220 MUA: @carlraymua Wardrobe:@itsmeredithkoop Haircolor: @yenedamtew

Yene is also responsible for taking care of the Malia and Sasha’s hair and you know how gorgeous their hair always looks.

Malia and Sasha

I just need to know one thing! When can I make an appointment? Find Yene here.


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