Y’all so on social media we all kind of took turns commenting on Meek Mill’s post about how he has beef with lace fronts. Then out of nowhere here comes Peter Thomas with his half nickel saying he hates to see women darker than him wearing blonde or honey blonde hair.

First up.. Meek:

and this:

Then he tried to explain his ‘opinion’ when wig wearers everywhere started coming for his Twitter fingers.

Ok so then we let it go, kinda, but then Peter Thomas decided he wanted smoke so he added his contribution to the conversation.

His caption is what got me:
“Everything is not for everyone, all style don’t fit everyone, rock with what you know look good on you before you walk out of your house, don’t make us look crazy.”

Who is ‘us’? – Now to put this in context I think Peter is trying to garner some attention since he recently opened up a new bar but he does have a habit of lending his unsolicited opinion about black women. (what they wear, how they look, you name it he has said it).

Eventually, he got the attention he wanted and made another post trying to explain his previous video:

Women everywhere have been hitting back and Amber Rose actually made a video this morning that kind of summed up how most of us feel:


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Seriously Men F***ing stop telling women what the f*** to wear and what the fuck we need to look like. Mind your goddamn business and let us be us – Muva

I do not agree with Amber all the time but this time I have to hand it to her, because even if you tweet something as a joke or if you are serious when you have “influence” you have to watch what you say. Black women have enough to deal with!


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