Finding Paola Steps Away From Tradition And Nails It With A Rich Color Palette For Her Wedding


If you have followed “Finding Paola” Like I have then you know about the girl of African descent who has a love affair with colors daily. She is best known for her awesome brand of headwraps called Fanmdjanm and the coolest campaigns ever that have made her business very successful.

Recently Paola got married and when I saw some of the preliminary picturesI was in awe but not surprised of how she broke Western wedding tradition and absolutely nail it. The color palette she chose had rich hues of red as the base, very representative of Autumn which was probably what she was going for.


Everyone kept saying how I was the most chill bride and they were waiting for bridezilla to come out. How could I? I had the best team both in front and behind the scenes. I’ve been with my husband for 11 years this upcoming Sunday. My dress was as comfortable and flowy as I dreamt (thanks @evelynlambert27 !)And these ladies mean so much to me. It was a true celebration. After all the stress and doubt, it all worked out.

I absolutely loved how stunning her bridal party was and I just had to share them here with you guys just in case you are thinking about getting married and you want to do it in an untraditional way.


“I’ve worn a headwrap to every wedding and formal function I’ve been to in the past few years. Why wouldn’t I wear one to my own wedding?” @findingpaola walked barefoot down the aisle to drumming in a #fanmdjanm #headwrap •

@rivanyri started singing, she nearly sent me down the aisle in a crying mess. But Senfuab kept me rooted with the drumming. When Tyler and I first got engaged, the only wedding detail I was sure of was my entrance. I did it! I walked down the aisle barefoot to drumming surrounded by mountains. All my ancestors were with me that day. Shining bright with the sun facing us. And in my heart. This magical day wouldn’t have been the same without my wonderful talented friends, big family, and of course, the love of my life.#PaolaLovesTyler ?#elevenyearslater#PaolaAndTyler • Thank you @hardhittinharry for this clip!



Congratulations to Paola and Tyler, 11 years and counting! – Vermont is gorgeous!


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