Fix It Jesus -Leslie Jones’s Website Was Hacked And Violated In The Worse Way


Why won’t they leave Leslie Jones alone? First, she was attacked on Twitter to the point of tears and since that wasn’t enough, today her haters decided to attack her website and violate the actress in the worse way!

Leslie Jones

According to TMZ

Leslie Jones has been horribly violated by a hacker who got into her website and posted all of her identification, including driver’s license and passport … and naked photos that had more business featuring on sites like than any other.

Jones has been dogged by haters since “Ghostbusters” was released and she was the target of a slew of racist comments. Some people even sent her pictures of a gorilla.

The hacker who got into her accounts put a video of Harambe on the top of her website. The hacker gained access to Leslie’s phone or iCloud and posted sexually explicit nude pics of the actress.

This is such a gross invasion of privacy and a testament that racism is alive and well. Praying for you Leslie, you will get through this! #loveforLeslie is not just a thing, it’s forever!


  1. She must be doing something right or the crackers who hacked her would not be jealous. Keep doing what you do my QUEEN…. FUCK THEM.


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