Flash Back Friday – 18 Pictures From Curlfest 2016 That Has Us Excited For The Weekend


It’s the holiday weekend and many of you are still feeling the effect of Curlfest2016 that was held in Prospect Park NY. I did not attend but judging from the pics it was a grand time, and what better way to send you into “Essence” weekend than with a flashback.

Check out the view and the vibes:

A video posted by Gia (@gia.lo) on

curlfest 2

curlfest 3

curlfest 6

curlfest 7

curlfest 8

curlfest 9

curlfest 10

curlfest 11

curlfest 12

curlfest 14

curlfest 16


curlfest 17

curlfest 18

curlfest 19

curlfest 20

curlfest 21

curlfest 22

I do not know about you but I am so ready for this weekend!


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