Flight Attendant Says She Was Discriminated Against Due To Her Hairstyle


A flight attendant reported that the airline she worked for discriminated against her due to her hairstyle. She said she was made fun of due to her bantu knots hairstyle she wore that she thought her co-workers would like. Her employer said it was club hair and unkempt and they pretty much laughed at her.

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Getting a new hairstyle many women take pride in but one woman says she showed up to work and was discriminated against.

“I’m really happy to come to work every day and when somebody laughs at your hairstyle it really brings you down,” said Erin Horn.

It was any other day at the Allegiant ticket counter at McCarran International Airport when she came in with the new hairstyle, called Bantu knots. She says she and friend spent a long time before making sure it looked perfect.

“They said that it was unprofessional, it was club hair, and that my hair is unkempt,” Horn said, even though it’s similar to a style she wore as a child.

Horn’s employer is Worldwide Flight Services, an Allegiant subcontractor. Allegiant says they hope the company would uphold the same non-discrimination standards they do.

Worldwide Flight Services has not responded to 13 Action News’ requests for comment.

I am going to go against the grain here and say that the hairstyle was not appropriate for work period regardless if your hair is natural or not.

I love Bantu knots but I would not wear them in professional environment period! What I do not agree with is the choice of words that her boss used to describe her hair. Watch the below video and let me know what you think.


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