Florence Baitio Is The Aspiring Model You Should Know


Meet, Florence Baitio a 19yr old aspiring model from Perth City Australia who is known for her dark skin, bright gorgeous makeup, daring looks and can be often seen modeling wigs for @freedomcouture.


Even though that wig video was temporary and Florence was probably paid very well for it after looking at the comments it was pretty clear that many of the women have no idea who Florence is. She was called a “coon”, accused of “ascribing to white standards” and called a “disgrace.”

It was then that I decided to really check this lady out and I found exactly what I was looking for. She may be modeling wigs as many of us often do, but she is also very daring with her look and loves to switch things up with her own natural hair as well.

If you follow her on Instagram you will notice pictures of Bantu knots, rich colored hues on her face, bright clothing for amazing editorials and anything that celebrates her rich dark skin and full lips. To be fair you will also find very positive comments from women who celebrate each look daily as her following and popularity increases.

Check out some of the looks below:

We are in a new age of black girl celebration and as we celebrate each other we have to be careful about sharing our opinions on what a woman should and should not do with her look.

Black women do not have to be cookie-cutter definitions of what you think they should be. Get you a girl who can do both! – Good work Florence!


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