For The Fellas: 6 Things You Can Buy For Your Girl When You Go To The Beauty Supply Store


The other day my guy comes home and drops a plastic bag in my lap – “Got you something from the beauty supply store” he says, casually.

As I start to open it up the first thing I say is, “The beauty supply store? Why were you at the beauty supply store?” and at the same time, I am also thinking what in the world would you think to get me from there on your own and without supervision!?

To my surprise it was one of those edge brush thingies with the little comb at the end, that looks and works just like our handy-dandy toothbrush but a little better!

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I was shocked! Who knew? I did not think he noticed what I did with my edges or my hair toothbrush, but surprise, he had been paying attention – All I could muster up was “Oh ok!! Thanks babe!”

That whole exchange had me thinking, guys shop at the beauty supply too and like my husband many of them probably would not leave without grabbing a little something for the lady in their lives.

My man did eventually admit that if he didn’t spot the brush at the front counter he wouldn’t have known what else to pick up for me so I thought I would help with this quick post.

Fellas, while you’re shopping, here are 6 things you can surprise us with from the beauty supply!

Gold Hair Accessories

Gold-colored accessories are a really easy way to spice up plain jane hairstyles. From using gold wire as ponytail holders to creating cute designs out of gold bobby pins, the appeal is not just in what kind of accessories they use–it’s in the gold!

Throw in a few gold braid cuffs, long wire, gold beads, and bobby pins and make a little collection of accessories for under $10. These little things do get lost easily so a cute little accessory organizing bag or box might also come in handy!

Beauty Blending Sponge

For years now, Beauty Blenders have been the most sought after makeup blending tool for casual makeup wearers and professionals alike. However, these things go for $20 each and nobody really wants to spend that on a colorful, egg shaped sponge–especially if they need more than one.

Luckily, beauty supply stores sell dupes, or similar but cheaper products, for just under $5 each! They’re just as soft and effective, and even have sets of 3 that costs a lot less than one name brand Beauty Blender; that’s a steal!

Mini Flat Iron

Regular flat irons are great, but in my opinion, mini flat irons are a tad bit better. Not only do they make it easier to straighten and style baby hair and do touch-ups, but they can easily fit into purses–making them the travel go-to!

One of the most popular brands of its kind is the Babyliss Pro Mini Flat Iron that goes for $35. However, there are many different dupes of equal quality! Many local beauty supply stores will sell them for just $20 and under.

Poppin’ Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is something that we will never give up on, but especially not now since the current makeup trends call for a little extra shine and glow! You could hit up the high end cosmetic shops and cop that fancy lip balm that’s $14 for no reason, but Kiss Broadway Ultra Lip Gloss has you covered!

For just $1 each, you can purchase clear, scented lip gloss made with oils that have soothing and softening properties, such as coconut, rosehip, and mint oil. The tube made with mint oil is especially great for soft, plump lips!

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

Makeup brushes can be pretty hard to clean, just for the simple fact that products can layer within the bristles and take forever to get out. There are tons of great cleaning solutions that’ll get the brushes squeaky clean, but the labor involved is still kind of tedious and annoying to do.

For this reason, silicone cleaning pads are little saviors for frequent makeup users. All you have to do is place the pads in a sink, wet the makeup brushes, apply your soap of choice, and gently rub it on the mat until the product is out. Ta-da! There you have it, a clean brush!

Edge Control Brush

Have you ever walked past the bathroom and seen your girl going in on her edges with a toothbrush, and not know what the hell is going on? Well if you didn’t know, toothbrushes have firm bristles that make them great mini brushes. Obviously it would be a poor idea to even attempt to brush our whole head with a toothbrush so we use it for our edges.

Recently, they came out with a cool thing called the Edge Control Brush. It’s a small toothbrush looking tool with a baby comb at the end, meant to shape and swoop edges and baby hair. You can find it at virtually any beauty store, including the beauty section at Walmart, for just under $3.


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