Former ANTM Winner Dani Evans Covers Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

The Dani Evans Cover

Do you remember Dani Evans? She was the winner of cycle 6 AMNT known for maintaining her image authentically while on the show.

Dani is a huge advocate for brown girls generally and within the modeling space often speaking out about representation, confidence, and moving away from unrealistic standards within the modeling industry.

In her editorial piece for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, she addressed some of those issues up front, listen below:

HARPER’S BAZAAR asked Danni about the advice she would give to women starting a fashion career.

Dani Evans on the cover of Bazaar Vietnam

This is what Dani had to say:
Dear people, who are beautiful and aspiring to start a business: Understand yourself and why you started! Having a beautiful appearance is not enough to go far in the fashion industry. Understand who you are and know what you want: It is something that will help you stand up and go further on your career path.

About her Fashion inspiration:

Dani Evans Bazaar Cover

DANI EVANS: My fashion style is a combination of inspiration from life. I like to study cultural history, love both journeys and emotional movies. I was also particularly impressed with the style of Yoko Ono.

Simple items that are easy to combine have always attracted me. They are subtle and match the style I aim for: Basic, and not trendy. I myself think that the woman makes fashion, not any other item.

About her fashion brand MONROWE

Dani Evans

DANI EVANS: Monrowe is my grandfather’s name. He died before I was born. He is an artist, with a great sense of fashion, and a fetish for jazz culture. That’s why I chose the name MONROWE for my fashion brand. It is my way of recalling and preserving his jazz quintessence.

Every MONROWE product was created based on that inspiration. I envisioned what he would wear while playing music, if he were still alive today.

In addition, I am also inspired by life stories. Real people around me, they are close and deliver wonderful stories of inspiration.

Dani shared on Instagram exactly what achieving the cover meant to her because for her it carries a different meaning than it would years ago.

This cover carries a different meaning now, than it would have years ago. Typically, a significant cover is what solidifies a girl’s position in the industry.

Her rate is established based on her credentials. Her “worth” and value are basically accredited to her bookings and the “machine” working behind her to book those jobs.

You can see how this conditioning can diminish a model’s self-worth if she isn’t “chosen” or seen as relevant enough to book certain jobs.

This cover doesn’t represent my worth. It doesn’t validate my value. It doesn’t make me “better than” or more pertinent than the next woman. There’s no ego attached to this cover for me.

I was valuable prior to this cover. I am worthy because I know who I am, not because an industry chooses to see me or not.

This is to the 21 year old Danielle, who was told by her agent at the time that she’d never book covers of magazines. To that agent – I know you’re watching …

I did it, despite the confining box you guys created for me. Stay tuned… there’s more to come, I’m ready to talk.

Speaking of talking, earlier this year Dani made it clear about how she felt about resurfaced audio and video of Tyra Banks asking her about why she chose not to close the gap in her tooth while filming ANTM.

Watch below:

Read, Dani Evan’s entire editorial here.

Dani Evans October Cover

Model: Dani Evans at Elite Model Management New York
Makeup Artist: Kyriaki Savrani at Factory Downtown
Hair: Jazmin Kelly at The Only Agency
Wardrobe Stylist: Gloria Johnson
Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Devon Brown
Photographer: Manny Roman
Location: Hendricks Hotel New York City

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