What I Found When I Did A Quick Search On SZA’s Gorgeous Natural Hair


Have you all been enjoying SZA’s new album? Right now that album is one of the hottest out there and while I have been enjoying her music I must admit that I have been particularly curious about her hair.

Here is the thing, I haven’t been following the songstress much over the years and as ashamed as I am to admit that I have been consuming as much of her music and press as I can to get to know her a bit more.

Today I decided to do a quick search on the details about her hair and beauty regimen and only came up with a few interviews she did back in 2014. (This was a very quick search)

What I did find was pretty interesting for example, SZA is known for her big voluminous natural hair and freckles but a lot of people would question the authenticity of both.

Read below via VLAD TV:

Unlike rappers, they’re not questioning the “realness” of her music, but her hair and signature freckles. While most women in the biz wear extensions, some fans felt the need to single out SZA for her large mane. SZA responded via Tumblr to a fan who asked if the questions bother her.

“You know the only thing about the nonsense bothers me ? … These are black people .. MY people … These are the ONLY ppl attacking me.

“They embarrass themselves and they embarrass me for that reason alone.

“I’ve said so many times in interviews and right here on Tumblr that I wear clip ins and the occasional weave to protect my hair from photo shoots and heat styling ect. It’s fun and it makes my hair grow like wildfire and actually, I suggested that others do the same!

“This takes nothing away from me or my beauty because it’s just a part of my real life and I will never apologize for that ….I’m a black woman that proudly grows hair it’s just my personal genetics and I like to protect it.”

At the end of the day, SZA and all the women who have naturally long hair should not have to explain or prove anything to anyone about their hair. I actually long for the day where women do not have to get on video and prove that their hair is real but that is a whole other blog post.

In another interview, SZA actually shared with Harper Bazaar the details about her hair journey for those of us who are interested.

Via Harper Bazaar circa 2014

When asked if she was always natural she said:

No, my mom made we wait until I was in high school to relax my hair, but I was all about perms for a few years.

When did you decide to stop?

Well in college my best friend worked at Supercuts. I was super impressionable, so when my she shaved off the side of her head, I wanted a drastic change too. I told her to give me something edgy, and she gave me a Tina Turner-esque hair cut, and my first reaction was like, “wow my hair looks terrible,” and everyone on campus was like, “what is up with your hair?”

When I had any new growth it was super noticeable because my hair wasn’t long anymore—so I just decided to cut everything off. Then I got really ill a few years ago and I had to shave all my hair off. Ever since then I decided I was going to stop relaxing my hair. My hair grew back super fast, and my hair was really curly—and then curly hair became really popular, and I was like, “Yes! This is awesome,” and I just ran with it.

What are your favorite products for your hair?

I don’t use shampoo, conditioner only from the Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural line. I also love to get raw coconut oil from Whole Foods—like the cooking oil—and I use that to deep condition my hair, it’s so easy.

I don’t treat my hair very well though, I’ve fried it this weekend. When I was at the airport to come to Austin they threw out all my hair products so I don’t have any of my oils. I had to take a curling wand to smooth my roots in the front, but it’s been so humid so I had to keep going over it.

What’s your go-to hair style?

I like to use a hair wand and curl the ends and fluff it out so it’s super big. I also went through a phase where I used to wear my hair bone straight. It’s actually not as long as you think it would be when it’s straight—it’s an illusion and it’s all about keeping up the illusion!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going natural?

It’s so much better. Yes, the in-between stage is awkward, and your hair will break. It’s hard, but after you get past that—my hair has never grown this fast. There’s this weird misconception about black women that our hair doesn’t grow—but it’s not true. Yes, genes are important—but your hair will grow if you seriously take care of it.

Would you ever go back to relaxing your hair?

No, and I actually accidentally texturized the front of my hair—I swear it was an accident. I bought some clip-in extensions, and the texture didn’t really match my hair, so I got a box of texturizer—but my hair perms so quickly, it was bone straight in two seconds. My hair broke off again, the little hairs in the front were just done.

I am still interested in what her 2017 hair routine is like, but for now, this was good!


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