Frizzy Hair Giving You A Headache? Try These Frizz Taming Tips for Smoother, Frizztastic-Free Hair


If frizzy hair has been the bane of your existence, you’ll be disappointed to know that there’s no magical, one-size-fits-all solution.

While curly hair frequently tops the list of common hair concerns brands market to cure, there’s something to be said about embracing the mess and owning it.

It can be your crown or halo, and better yet, it breathes life and texture into your hair.

But if you prefer rocking a sleeker look, find flyaways irritating, or have been looking for ways to minimize the damage – frizzy hair can’t be everyone’s cup of tea after all – here are a few expert tips to help you style and manage frizzy hair no matter the hair type.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Is there anything more challenging to style than frizzy roots? Ah! Yes. Frizzy ends.

Frizzy ends can even make your stylist quit and retire to the countryside. Thankfully, there’s a cure for that, but it might hurt you to the core – trims.

According to experts, visiting your stylist every five to seven weeks to nix dead ends will help keep your hair flawlessly formed and eliminate dry, split ends that might be the culprits causing additional frizz.

Moisture is Your BFF

A hydrating mask is to healthy hair what pumpkin is to pumpkin soup – non-negotiable.

Since flyaways and frizz are your hair’s call for moisture, you need to invest in a good hair mask, especially if you have dry or chemically processed hair.

If you have type 3 or curly hair, you should invest in a lightweight, humectant-rich formula that won’t destroy your curl patterns or grease up your strands.

Hair masks that incorporate natural oils like argan, coconut, carrot, and moringa oils are powerhouses for retaining moisture and strengthening hair follicles.

You can even try a moisture-rich DIY hair mask like these to help condition, hydrate, and trap moisture.

Avoid Rinsing Out Conditioner Completely

If you own a curly or coily crown, avoid rinsing out 100% of your conditioner. Moisture-rich conditioners help coat and detangle hair, lock in moisture, and seal your hair cuticles.

So, when conditioning your hair, comb the product through your hair with a wide-toothed comb, and don’t thoroughly rinse it out to keep your strands smooth, detangled, and styling-ready.

Invest in A Reliable Hair Dryer

We hate to blow your bubble, but that trusty hot toll might lead to dry, brittle hair.

So, if frizzy hair is something that’s been driving you nuts, it might be time to invest in a premium hairdryer since a high-quality one will lay the foundation for silky smooth hair.

Do your homework and be willing to drop a dime. Together with a premium-quality hairbrush, a professional-grade hair dryer will be your secret to taming the frizz.

Straighten Smarter, Not Harder

Straightening frizzy hair
Finally Fiona

Managing frizz on natural texture is one thing, but maintaining straightened out hair is a whole other Gordian knot. Fortunately, there are some handy tricks you can incorporate to make straightening out curls smooth sailing.

While it’s tempting to comb out your hair before straightening it out first furiously, this might lead to a whole other mess – the frizz becomes a mane, and now you’ll be stuck in the house frustrated.

Instead, take your detangling brush in the shower, and if your hair gets a bit knotty when straightening, finger-comb it. You might also want to use a heat protectant spray to help make the process a bit easier.

Ditch Cotton Towels for Micro-Fibered Ones

Apart from dehydration, culprit No.2 when it comes to curly hair is friction, which your regular towel is guilty of causing when used post-shower. Instead, swap them out for a microfiber hair wrap that seamlessly absorbs water and makes the frizz less frizzy.

Silky Pillowcases Are Your Friends

As mentioned, friction is public enemy No 2 when it comes to frizz. So, just like you swapped out your cotton towels, switch out the cotton pillowcase for a silky one.

Silk pillowcases are incredibly gentler on your hair, they induce shine and lower the risk of cuticle-abrading friction. Moreover, they have a way of making your bed more presentable. *wink*.

Keep Your Hands Off

Sometimes the best advice is priceless. In that regard, to effectively tame the frizz, keep your hands to yourself.

Just as you’re advised to avoid touching your face with filthy hands, keep your fingers out of your curls!

Messing with your coils or curls as they dry out can destroy your curl pattern and pave the way for flyaways.

Remember, curls are cuticles’ patterns that need to lay on each to look shiny and smoother. Since the cuticle goes around and around, if you mess with it, it might expand and trigger more frizz.

While it might be tempting to reach for your stockpile of anti-frizz serums, potions, and treatments, taming frizzy hair is so simple.

All you need is a whole lot of patience and some haircare routine alterations, and you’ll be rocking sleeker, smoother hair in no time.


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