Fun Or Out Of Control? – Social Media Personality Under Fire For Commenting On Sky’s Natural Hair From LHHNY


Watch this video:

Confession! I watch Kendall all the time, as a matter of fact, I watch his videos more than I watch any sort of Love and Hip Hop anything!

Reality TV is the guilty pleasure for many of us and Kendall has found a way to create content around the fallacies and craziness of the shows by posting mini opinionated rant videos throughout each episode. Even though Kendall is consistent with his commentary he will often say in his videos that we should not be caught up in his rhetoric because it’s all jokes.

On the flip side what he does for fun is getting very popular! His videos are being featured on the Shaderoom and various social outlets on social media. His following isn’t too shabby either, he as around half a million across social platforms and views well exceeds 100K for each piece of video content he produces.

Monetary gain is also very common for social media personalities who amass huge followings as well which leads me to my next point.

There is an old saying that says “to whom much is given much is expected”. On social Media, this just means that with more attention there is always more responsibility.

There are countless social outlets/personalities that started popping with small audiences and content that is done at the expense of others that have had to switch direction or pivot as they gained more followers.

They often quickly realize the impact they have on real people whether celebrity or not feeling a huge obligation to be more positive than negative. Some outlets never change, but most do!

Does that mean changing the core of what you do? absolutely not it just means being more cognizant of the stereotypes you perpetuate and the people you affect with your open rhetoric.

In the above video Kendall pissed off a ton of women who feel… one, he isn’t in the position to speak on what natural hair does when it’s humid and two that he should try to uplift black women instead of making fun of them all the time.

She has natural hair so when you straighten your hair it’s going to get frizzy in the summer weather ain’t no way around it

People are so superficial. She can wear Her Hair however she wants. People wear so much fake hair folks act like they forgot real hair can frizz from time to time. Most folks never see real hair. I have random guys ask to touch my hair from time to time because it’s real and natural. Lighten up she’s a female, woman and on the screen. While we on her commenting. She’s beautiful and just let her have her moment frizz and all. BRAVO BABY

Personally, I try to walk away from the stereotypes that do not uplift the black race but I can admit that there are times when I fall short especially when joking.

Kendall’s challenge in navigating his new found fame in the public eye is doing it in a way that stays true to himself and that not at the expense of someone else.

To be fair he doesn’t just criticize the black women on the show, but pretty much everyone, including the producers so the real question is if there was no Reality TV how would he make is mark?

Should he have commented on Sky’s hair in the way he did? Nope! He was definitely reaching with that one, which I am sure he knew considering he is an official member of #Teampetty!

At the end of the day, you either want us to take your content seriously and make a real mark in the entertainment field if that’s where you want to be or you don’t. If the market is saying, “hey you are going too far and the joke is no longer a joke” then you need to pivot or you need to walk away from the market!

I think Kendall is about to switch things up real soon though, guys like him never walk away!

[Chants #LITMorning]

What do you think? Should he have been more responsible in his commentary on Sky’s hair or is it just a joke that we need to ignore?


  1. This woman is on a rachet reality show. I’m sure that there are plenty of other people commenting on her hair, her looks and her life. Leave him alone it was funny. Its funny because it’s true. We know natural hair frizzes up. I’m natural so I know the struggle all to well. Just laugh at the joke…or don’t laugh at the joke. Move on! Find a real topic to complain about.


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