Fun Fact Chris Brown Was Originally On A Remix Of Beyonce’s Song “Jealous”

Chris Brown and Beyonce

Ya’ll I know this is random but you should be used to me and my random posts by now!

“Jealous” is one of my favorite Beyonce songs and if you stan for her then it probably is yours too. It’s one of those songs that will get you right bopping around lip syncing with a glass of wine as you install your twists for the night, talking bout –“I’m in my penthouse half naked”, “now you got me yelling”! Even 4 years later.

With all that said, I randomly came across a post from Beyparkroyalty who posted a clip of Chris Brown doing his verse to the song. On the clip, she mentioned that this didn’t make it to the album nor was it released mainstream. It was my first time seeing it myself.

Watch below:

She asked her followers if they thought she made a good choice by not putting out a version with Chris Brown, and they seem to be 50/50 on it. Honestly, I like his version I think as a quick remix it would have been fun to hear it mainstream. (it did need some work though)

Full version:

Of course there might have been details most of us aren’t privy to, but just from listening to that small snip-it would have been cool.

Here is the original video in case some of you have no clue about what I am rambling about:


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